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Natural Handmade Soap arrow Deep Clean Charcoal Soap 深层清洁控油竹碳皂

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Deep Clean Charcoal Soap 深层清洁控油竹碳皂


Charcoal detoxifies skin by absorbing oil and impurities that cause acne and blackheads. Shea butter, castor oil & wheat germ oil help to soothen skin and promote scar healing especially for acne. Suitable for oily skin with pimples and acne. Can also be used for facial wash on oily T-zones.

Ingredients: Organic soymilk, sweet almond oil, olive oil, shea butter, sesame oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, wheatgerm oil, sodium hydroxide. adding: charcoal powder, essential oils of tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus.

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通过竹炭来吸收痤疮和黑头粉刺的油,解毒皮肤杂质。 乳木果油,蓖麻油和小麦胚芽油有助于舒缓皮肤,促进疤痕愈合,特别是对于痤疮。 适合油性皮肤与粉刺和粉刺。 也可用于油性T区的面部清洗。

成分:有机豆浆,甜杏仁油,橄榄油,牛油树脂,芝麻油,椰子油,棕榈油,蓖麻油,麦草油,氢氧化钠。 添加:木炭粉,茶树精油,薄荷和桉树。


h on oily T-zone.

Weight : 0.1 KG

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