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Face & Body Care arrow Plant Cleansing Oil (Oily Skin)洁面油(油性皮肤-Out Of Stock!!!

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Plant Cleansing Oil (Oily Skin)洁面油(油性皮肤-Out Of Stock!!!


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Although it may sound strange to some, when you get down to basics - oil dissolves oil. Cleansing your face with oil helps draw away deep impurities that clog pores and breaks down grime whilst keeping your skin moisturized.We made our facial cleansing oil from a blend wonderful carrier oils such as macadamia oil, EV olive oil, pistachio oil ,wheatgerm oil and rosehip seed oil that will also help to soften and soothe skin.To use, massage the cleansing oil onto face first, working deeply into the pores before washing away with water or wiping away with a wet cloth. There will usually be a thin layer of oil left on the face to balance and protect the skin. If you wish to remove it, you can use a gentle facial soap such as our Hazelnut Extra Moisturizing soap as part of the final rinse.

用油清洁你的脸部有助于消除堵塞毛孔的深层杂质,同时保持皮肤保湿。澳洲坚果油,特级初榨橄榄油,开心果油,小麥胚芽油和玫瑰果油,使我们的面部清洁油 种子油也有助于软化和抚慰皮肤。使用时,首先将清洁油按摩到脸上,深入毛孔,然后用水冲洗或用湿布擦拭。 脸上通常会有一层薄薄的油,以平衡和保护皮肤。 如果您想去除它,您可以使用温和的面部肥皂

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