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Cling Wrap (Out Of Stock)


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Make your soaps look more professional with a cling wrap that is stretchable yet able to hold your soaps snugly over a long period of time!

Cling wrapping soaps helps to minimize their contact with air. This then enables soaps to retain their scent a little longer (especially for those scented with natural essential oils that tend to fade over time), and this can also prevent or reduce "sweatiness" (caused by high glycerine content) on soaps.
This cling wrap can also be used to wrap food.
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Dimensions: 15 cm x 200 m
Disclaimer: Any instructions, directions or tips given by Natural Wellbeing  are strictly for informational purposes and are offered only as helpful guidelines. Customers are encouraged to experiment and conduct their own testing to ensure compatibility and safety, and they are ultimately responsible and liable for the usage of our products.


粘贴包装肥皂有助于尽量减少与空气的接触。 这样可以使肥皂保持更长的香味(特别是对于那些随着时间的褪色的天然精油),这也可以防止或减少肥皂“汗液”(由高甘油含量引起)。
尺寸:15厘米x 200米
免责声明:由Natural Wellbeing提供的任何说明,指示或提示仅供参考,仅作为有用指导。 鼓励客户进行实验和进行自己的测试以确保兼容性和安全性,并且对产品的使用负有最终责任。

Weight : 0.7 KG

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