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Tools & Containers arrow Plastic Dropper 塑料滴管(10pcs/Pkt)

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Plastic Dropper 塑料滴管(10pcs/Pkt)


The small plastic droppers shown here are also called pipettes. They are useful for measuring small quantities of essential oils. For blending purposes, our plastic disposable pipettes are actually preferred over the orifice reducers for the control and accuracy they offer.

Specifications:Material- Plastic
Uses:Commonly used to transfer small quantities of liquids.
Features:Light weight,Easy to use

这里显示的小塑料滴管也称为移液器。 它们可用于测量少量精油。 为了混合的目的,我们的塑料一次性移液管实际上优于孔口减速器,以控制和精度。

规格:材质 - 塑料

Weight : 0.02 KG

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