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Natural Handmade Soap arrow Dish Washing and Laundry Soap 天然抗菌多用途家事皂

Natural Handmade Soap

Dish Washing and Laundry Soap 天然抗菌多用途家事皂


Made for those who hand wash their clothes and also the dishes - here's a natural soap that is gentle and will not strip your hands dry.
Coconut oil and palm oil make a deep clean soap whilst rosin (derived from pine resin) provides creamy lather with added cleansing power! Good for dish washing and for hand washing baby clothes, pillow cases, towels and intimate apparel. Safe for daily use and easy to rinse. For tough greasy dishes, a second wash and rinse will be required.

使用於清洗碗盘, 宝宝的衣服,您贴身的衣物,都可以轻易的洗去。 更不用担心有化学物质的残留。不引起过敏,有富贵手的你也可安心使用。泡泡多,好冲洗。不污染水源。环保就从这里做起。
采用新鲜植物油制作, 不含化学原料。利用天然的抗菌,檜木和松脂,有淡淡的木头味道。

Comes in a 300g packaging.
Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, pine rosin, pure water, sodium hydroxide. Adding essential oils of pine, hinoki and tea tree.
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Weight : 0.3 KG

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